Spring 2022 Must Haves

We are in the thick of Spring, which means so many great things! The weather is warmer and more flowers are blooming. Everything changes during Spring, including wardrobes, vitamin routines, exercise routines, hair colors, hair routines, and more. There are plenty of products that you need to have to keep up with all of these changes. We have some favorites that you should definitely consider!

Shorts and T shirts

It’s finally the type of weather where you can wear shorts and t-shirts, two staple items that don’t get much out-of-closet time during Fall and Winter. We’re a bit tired of thermals and long sleeves, so bring on the shorts and T-shirts! Shorts are great in solid colors or denim, to match a slew of different things. T-shirts can range from solid to vintage style, to band shirts and vegan phrases. We like this shirt in particular! Show off your plant-based self.


Sunscreen is important year-round, but we are all spending more time outdoors now that the weather is nice and it’s sunny outside. Sunscreen can have a bunch of additives and chemicals, so it’s important to go with a natural sunscreen containing zinc for sun protection. We like natural brands like this one. Make sure to apply liberally and often. Sunscreen does not last on the skin nearly as long as you may think! It’s a pretty safe bet to apply once every hour during outdoor activities and going to the beach or even the pool.


B12 is very important to your diet, especially if you eat plant-based foods or have a deficiency. You can gain an energy boost from taking it too, so get out there and do all the activities! Don’t forget to take your Liquid B12 daily, and add in some Liquid Elderberry + Echinacea for allergies and general well-being. When you switch up your hair routine this season, don’t forget that Liquid Biotin may help hair stay healthy from the inside out! What’s great about liquid vitamins is they are fast acting and have higher absorption rates than other types of vitamins. Take them sublingually, or add them to your favorite Spring time smoothies. It truly does not get any easier than that!

Whatever your Spring plans may be, these are the Spring 2022 must haves we think will really help you adjust. What are some of your favorite items to stock up on for Spring?