Great Habits for 2022

It’s New Year’s Eve, and 2022 is literally hours away – just around the corner! It’s important to take a look back at 2021 and inspect it for all of its flaws, successes, and failures. Failure has a nasty connotation to the word – but truly, failures are simply opportunities for future success. No one has been successful without experiencing failures! So, how was 2021? Did you accomplish what you wanted to? What did you not accomplish, that you can accomplish this year? I am sure there are plenty of things you can do, but let’s focus on some simple great habits for 2022 that anyone can accomplish.

Be More Active in 2022

Goals and habits with words like “more” and “better” are great – it means anyone can take what they already have, and improve upon it. Being more active is very doable, and always has benefits. Being more active in 2022 is a great habit to form, and has more benefits than we can truly count. You do not need a gym membership to be more active – take a daily walk or get some equipment at home.

Show More Gratitude

A habit that benefits others as well as ourselves is to show more gratitude. There are so many ways to do this, but one of the best ways is to say “thank you” more often. There are times you may want to say “I’m sorry” when someone goes out of their way to cater to you. Do not be sorry or say that you are sorry – it does not uplift anyone to do that. Instead, say “thank you” and show that you appreciate what is being done for you. Thank you’s have a way of making others feel great, as well as yourself!

Take Your Vitamins

You knew we were going there! Vitamins are extremely easy to forget. To truly form a habit, it’s important to set an alarm or create a journal that you record your habits in. Even if you just check off a list on a piece of paper, forming habits will become that much easier! Vitamins need to be taken regularly to truly show a difference. This is especially true if you have any kind of deficiency. Many vegans and vegetarians have a B12 deficiency, so it is important to monitor levels with your healthcare professional, as well as take a Liquid B12 supplement.

liquid b12

What habits are you bringing into 2022? What new ones are you making?