Get Healthy for 2022

Getting healthy is one of the top resolutions for 2022. It is not the easiest goal, but it is the most worthwhile goal we can think of. 2021 was not much better than 2020 for many of us. Sedentary lifestyles, working from home, working multiple jobs, constant access to junk food, and other factors make us less healthy in 2021. Not all of us can afford a Pelaton, or a gym membership. Fortunately, there are other less costly things you can do for your health! You can get healthy for 2022 in many different ways. We have a few main points listed that will hopefully help you reach your health goals for 2022!

Work out Outside

Working out indoors has its benefits, but working out in the fresh outdoor air can be beneficial in so many different ways. We are already stuck inside much of the year – why not get outside and enjoy the earth? Even simply walking outside for thirty minutes or so can elevate your mood as well as your metabolism. Walking daily can certainly help you get healthy for 2022. Don’t have time for every day? Try three days per week. You have to start somewhere!

Eat Clean

Eating clean sounds hard, but in reality its much simpler than any fad diet out there. It’s simple – if it is organic and unprocessed, it is most likely better for you and your well being. Eating clean helps you to avoid a bunch of chemicals used in the food-making process that have side effects and even some long-term effects. Let’s get the junk out of our guts and eat clean this year!

Take Vitamins

Vitamins are essential to your health. In order to help you get healthy for 2022, specifically our latest vitamin, 6,000 mcg Liquid B12. It’s the most powerful Liquid B12 supplement we have, and it provides energy for you to workout and make it through your days. This energy boost can make the difference between a productive day, and a very lazy day. We all have lazy days and those are okay sometimes – but let’s not over-do them in 2022.

Aside from being easier to consume, liquid drops can be easier and more gentle on the digestive system. The outer shell of a capsule is typically made with “filler” and there are excess, unnecessary ingredients used to make this. Combining high quality ingredients, while removing the excess, and making it easier to consume is what we like to refer to as the “Liquid Advantage.”