Fall Self Care Routine

As the seasons change, it’s easy to forget to set a new routine for yourself. After all, your Summer routine probably consisted of some beach related activities, swimming, and maybe some cold beverages. Margaritas, anyone? Self care may have consisted of reading a book under the Sun, or laying out in the sun (with sunscreen protection, of course). Now that we are transitioning into the Fall season, your Fall self care routine is going to look a lot different than your June or July activities.


If you splurged and had one too many barbecues during Summer, you may be ready for a break from red meat, or processed meats like hot dogs and sausages. It’s a great time to transition to a more plant-based diet, or a diet with whole foods that are not as processed. Sweet potatoes are about to be in season, which go beautifully with an array of squash and other veggies which are coming into season. What you feed your body is absolutely a big part of your Fall self care routine, and we recommend a food journal to keep track of what you’re putting in it!


Summer activities are great, but so are Fall activities! It’s a bit cooler outside, so it’s the perfect time for long walks in the park, bonfires, and roasting marshmallows. Think drinking a hot coffee in the morning on the porch while you are snuggled up in an over-sized sweater. These can be some really relaxing moments to take the time to reflect on whatever’s on your mind – or to drift off into wonderland, and take a break from usual stressors. Eating processed foods can lead to over-eating.


You most likely will not be getting as much Sunlight as you’ve gotten used to. So, one liquid vitamin you need to make sure you take is Liquid Vitamin D3 + Omega. Our bodies need either the Sun or some kind of supplement to produce Vitamin D, which is why most people are at least slightly deficient. Vitamin D helps to regulate the amount of calcium in the body, which is essential to bone, teeth and muscle health. omega 3 fats may improve heart health, increase good cholesterol, and may even reduce blood pressure. What a winning combination!

Fall self care routine vitamins

Liquid vitamins are not only easier to consume, but they also have much higher absorption rates than pills or gummies. Our Vitamin D3 + Omega is actually Vegan – a very rare boast in the world of Vitamin D.

What are you doing to create a Fall Self Care Routine? Let us know!