It’s time to lose those extra Cover pounds – and most of you know what I’m talking about! multiple shut-downs, lock-downs, and quarantines have done a number on all of us. When less healthy food is available, we tend to go for comfort foods – or foods that are higher in calories, fats, sugars, and carbs. It’s certainly not a good change, and has affected both our waist lines and the numbers on our scales.

time to lose those Covid pounds!

There are many ways to shed excess pounds, but not every way is the right way or the healthy way. Every body is different, but we could all use some extra help. Try to speak to your doctor or specialist about changing your diet and losing weight. This will probably involve cutting junk foods, increasing your veggie intake, upping protein, and exercising. Vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies can also take a toll on your waistline, and affect your overall metabolism and energy. For that, SBR Nutrition has you covered! By taking a combination of two of our liquid supplements – our Liquid Keto Drops + Our Micronutrients Formula

Taking SBR Nutrition liquid keto drops with the keto diet will both promote and facilitate ketosis, thereby helping you burn that fat, drop those belt, waist, and clothing sizes, and shred that body to its maximum potential fitness. If you want to lose weight fast, look no further than SBR Nutrition Keto Drops.

Our micronutrient drops are made with a premium quality high performance hydration formula unlike anything on the market. These drops are enriched with fulvic acid, humic acid, over 74 trace colloidal ionic minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, B vitamins, an array of enzymes and unique polysaccharides. Micronutrients is an electrolyte-replenishing, liquid concentrate made for those who don’t want unnecessary additives, sweeteners, or calories in their hydration products. Its mineral base is a significantly more efficient form of hydration than water alone.

Aside from being easy to consume, liquid drops can be gentle on the digestive system, quickly absorbed into the body, taste great in distilled water or in a beverage and have no excess ingredients. It’s time for you to experience the Liquid Advantage! Each order is accompanied by a 90-day no-questions-asked 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, please let us know! We are not happy until you are happy!

We are all in this together. We gained those extra pounds together, and now we can shed them and improve our health together. If you’re looking for weight loss and fitness motivation, feel free to join our Facebook group. We host giveaways monthly and support one another’s goals by posting motivational quotes, recipes, and more. Let’s reach our goals and exceed our own expectations!