If you’re looking for some awesome smoothie recipes, we have the 5 best vegan smoothie recipes here for you. These smoothie recipes are all vegan, and are all full of vitamins, including SBR Nutrition Liquid Vitamins added for extra nutrition.

5. Strawberry-Melon Smoothie – This smoothie is super refreshing, and perfect for Summer. Watermelon has so much water in it, it helps with keeping you hydrated.

Top 5 Vegan Smoothie Recipes

4. This Pineapple Smoothie Recipe is so good, it’s more like a dessert! It’s truly a tropical treat we know you will enjoy.

3. The Orange Dream smoothie reminds us of those awesome orange & vanilla popscicles we had as a kid. Super delicious! Make sure you choose the Vegan version of our Liquid D3 to keep this Vegan instead of just Vegan friendly.

2. The Healthy Hair & Nails Smoothie is berry flavored, and filled with vitamins and nutrients that help keep hair, nails, and skin healthy! Fun fact – did you know that blueberries can help decrease anxiety and enhance your mood? What a power-food!

5 best vegan smoothie recipes

1. This DIY Smoothie Recipe for Better Hair focuses on vitamins, nutrients, and healthy fats that have all been thought to improve hair health and appearance. It’s delicious, nutritious, and our number one pick for best Vegan Smoothie Recipe!

top 5 vegan smoothie recipes

These smoothies are all vegan, delicious, and vitamin-enhanced with Liquid Vitamins from SBR Nutrition.

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We are confident in the “Liquid Advantage” and we want you to experience the difference yourself. That is why all purchases are protected with a 90 day, 100% money back guarantee. We are committed to making our relationship last a lifetime.

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