Keto BHB


  • BURN FAT – Our formula uses beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), a ketone body that burns fat to create energy, which, in turn, stimulates physical and mental aptitude. BHB is designed with dieters, athletes, and busy professionals in mind, providing an edge in performance, a boost in energy, and a hack against cravings.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS – Eating a diet high in processed carbohydrates can cause dramatic fluctuations in blood sugar, leading to health issues. By maintaining a low carb diet supplemented with our Keto Drops, you may experience health benefits including: increase in weight loss, especially from the abdomen; reduced appetite; clearing complexion; improved heart health; reduced ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol; increased ‘good’ HDL cholesterol; reduced blood sugar; and improved brain function.
  • THE LIQUID ADVANTAGE – Many prefer liquid drops over pills, gummies, patches, and shots. Aside from being easy to consume, drops can be gentle on the digestive system. Moreover, drops can be quickly and effectively absorbed into the body. Drops also taste great either alone or in a beverage and have no excess ingredients. It’s time for you to experience the Liquid Advantage!
  • HIGHEST QUALITY – You expect the highest quality products made with no artificial ingredients, additives, or chemicals, and we aim to meet if not beat your expectations. Our Keto Liquid Drops are non-GMO, vegan, organic, and hormone-free. There is no sugar, starch, salt, wheat, gluten, yeast, or soy derivatives. When taken with a keto diet, you can be confident in achieving your weight loss transformation and your personal training goals!
  • TRY RISK FREE – Our Keto Drops are made in the USA in an FDA-inspected and cGMP-certified facility. goBHB is a registered trademark under exclusive global distribution by Compound Solutions, Inc. Each order comes with one 2 ounce bottle and is accompanied by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, feel free to return the bottle, no questions asked. We are not happy until you are happy!

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The keto diet relies on consuming food products and supplements with very few carbohydrates, many lipids and fats, and a smattering of protein. This diet has been proven to be very effective for losing weight – quickly, and safely – and, if the diet is maintained, to keep the pounds off. The keto diet works in a very simple way: by burning fat. That is, in the absence of carbs, the body enters ketosis – a metabolic process whereby the body breaks down fats to retrieve energy to perform biochemical, biophysical, and physical acts.

Taking SBR Nutrition liquid keto drops with the keto diet will both promote and facilitate ketosis, thereby helping you burn that fat, drop those belt, waist, and clothing sizes, and shred that body to its maximum potential fitness. If you want to lose weight fast, look no further than SBR Nutrition Keto.

Additional Information:

Safety Information
Keep out of reach of children. Consult your healthcare provider before taking if pregnant or nursing. Do not use if seal is broken or missing.


Sodium Beta Hydroxybutyrate, Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate, Calcium Beta Hydroxybutyrate, Purified Water, Organic Grape Alcohol, Natural Lemon Lime Flavor


Take 2 ml (two half-filled droppers) daily or as recommended by a physician or healthcare professional. Add to water, juice, or beverage, or administer orally. If taken orally, expect a salty tast, as BHB is a salt.

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


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